Invitations to Tender for

the Copernicus Programme

Invitations to Tender open to companies residing
in the Member States of the European Union
or participating to the EU Copernicus Programme


Each bidder will need to register in the ESA EMITS service ( then select: HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH ESA, then REGISTERING AS) in order to be allowed to submit an offer.

Companies from ESA Participating States shall use the ESA EMITS system.

Due to the fact that the registration process might take a couple of weeks, in order to help companies in countries participating to the Copernicus program which are not yet registered with ESA, the documents relevant to the announced Invitation To Tender (ITT) will be also temporarily available for download on this web site.

To get access to this web server, please send us an e-mail with the following information:
  • Company name
  • address of the company headquarters
  • name, e-mail, phone number of a contact person
We will send an username and password to access this web server to the e-mail indicated by you (this does not replace the registration to be done on EMITS).


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